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Sympetrum pedemontanum - Сжатобрюх перевязанный - Тонкочеревець перев’язаний

For the key species old (before 1990) and recent (after 1990) records are given on the distribution maps using different symbols (triangles - old records, circles - recent records).

Red list status or Habitat Directive status: not listed
Distribution: Very rare, found only occasionally in the surroundings of Odessa and from the South Bug basin.
Habitat: Appears to be selective, but its preferences are not fully understood.
Often said to favour hilly areas, perhaps because of associated seepage. In the west, inhabits slow-flowing waters with a fair amount of vegetation, such as grassy drainage ditches and irrigation channels. Also breeds in still waters, such as pools in quarries and inundation zones. Sites are often shallow and sunny, with developing but not too dense vegetation (Dijkstra, 2006). The locality near Odessa is a permanent, well-vegetated reservoir with stagnant shallow water near a large river.
Flight period in the SW Ukraine: not enough data (beginning of July – beginning of August)  

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