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  1. Pavlyuk, R. S. 1992. - The history of investigation and the composition of the Odonata fauna of Ukraine. - Acta hydroentomologica latvica, 2: 27-51. (in Russian with English summary)
    The first information about the species composition of Ukrainian Odonata is from the end of the 19th century. Extensive publications appeared in the second half of the 19th century (Belke, 1858; Ivanov, 1876; Lomnicki, 1877; Yaroshevsky, 1882). At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century important works were published by Dziedzielewicz (1877- 1919), Rodzyanko (1887-1914), Brauner (1902-1910) and Bartenev (1912). Detailed faunistic research was carried out by Artobolevsky who published 13 papers between 1915 and 1929. Before the Second World War important papers were published by Solodovnikov (1927-1929), Fudakowsky (1932-1935), Hrabar (1933) and St. Quentin (1933). The author of this paper had investigated dragonflies for more than 20 years (Pavlyuk 1970- 1990) with particular emphasis on its parasites, but also accumulating information on Odonata fauna. During the post-war period Ukrainian dragonflies were also investigated by Oliger (1975-1985), Polischuk (1974), Gorb (1990-1992) and others. Unfortunately, some doubtful information appeared in several hydrobiological publications, obviously as a result of misidentified larvae.
    The second part of this paper included an annotated list of all 70 Odonata species found in Ukraine. The author provided information on the abundance and distribution of the species in different parts of Ukraine.
  2. Gorb, S. N., R. S. Pavlyuk & Z. D. Spuris, 2000. Odonata of Ukraine: a faunistic overview. - Vestnik zoologii, supl. 15: 3-155. (in Ukrainian with English summary).
    This monograph summarises the results of study of the Odonata fauna in Ukraine. Using original and literature data the authors created and analysed a database containing 4635 records of 73 species. In adition to a comprehensive list of Odonata species, this paper contains some general information on Odonata morphology, biology, flight periods, and the history of studies of the Odonata fauna and ecology in Ukraine. Identification key and numerous illustrations of morphological details gave the possibility to species identification. PDF
  3. Matushkina, N. O. & L. A. Khrokalo, 2002. - Identification key of dragonflies (Odonata) of Ukraine: larvae and exuviae). Manual for the students of biology specialities, Kyiv, Fitositsiocentr: 1- 72 (in Ukrainian)
    These are the first identification tables for the larvae and exuviae of the 70 Odonata species recorded in Ukraine. This key contains many figures of morphological structures taken from approved literature sources. Distribution, ecological peculiarities and phenology of species were also given. The authors described the methods of collection, fixation and storing adults, larvae and exuviae and rearing the larvae in laboratory.
  4. Khrokalo L. 2005. Annotated bibliography of the odonatologic paper of Ukraine // IDF-Report. Vol. 8. – P. 1-51. PDF
  5. Спурис З.Д. Отряд Odonatoptera (Odonata) – Стрекозы. Определитель насекомых Европейской части СССР. Т. 1. / Под ред. Г.Я.Бей-Биенко.– М.- Л.: Наука, 1964. – С. 137–161. PDF
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