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Guardians of the watershed: Identifying Important Dragonfly Areas in Southwest Ukraine

In July 2006 a project with the title 'Guardians of the watershed: Identifying Important Dragonfly Areas in Southwest Ukraine' was started. The work for the project will be done by Elena Dyatlova in close co-operation with Vincent Kalkman and is funded by the Dutch ministry of Agriculture and Nature conservation. The project aims at making a list of Important Dragonflies Areas in the South-Western Ukraine. This information is important when establishing new nature reserves and for the management of existing reserves. In order to do so a database will be created containing Ukrainian records and additional fieldwork will be done. The distribution maps and the list of Important Dragonflies Areas will be published on Internet in both the Russian and English language. It is hoped that this project will be the start of an informal organised Odonata-community in the Ukraine.
The first step was digitalising all accessible literature on Odonata from the S-W Ukraine and visiting private collections and museums. Preliminary maps of species distribution were created which were used to organisethe plan of fieldwork for sping and summer 2007.

Main steps of the project:

6. Final report of the project. Download the cover. Download the booklet.

5. Important dragonfly areas of the South-Western Ukraine were selected

4. Checklist of Odonata species recorded in the SW Ukraine and maps of species distibution on Internet

3. Expedition of odonatologists: Elena Dyatlova and Alexandr Martynov (July 2007)

2. Newsletter "Dragonfly"

1. Expedion to Danube Biosphere Reserve, Elena Dyatlova and Vincent Kalkman (18-20 August 2006)

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