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Anax ephippiger - Дозорщик седлоносец - Дозорець швидкий

Red list status or Habitat Directive status: not listed
Distribution: Recorded in all southern parts of the study area, not very common. Most Ukrainian records probably pertain to wanders but the species is known to reproduce in some years. Reproduction has not been established for the SW of the Ukraine. Records of the species from Zmeinyj island in the Black Sea and early records from Dniepr Delta (middle of April) (Dyatlova, 2006; Dyatlova, 2007) probably belong to migrating individuals. The origin of other records in Odessa, Kinburn peninsular and Danube Delta are unknown for this moment (Dyatlova, Martynov, unpublished data; Gorb, Ermolenko, 1996). The larvae and exuvia were not recorded in the SW Ukraine. In other parts of Ukraine developing of A. ephippiger was registered (Gorb, Pavlyuk, 1993).
Habitat: Shallow, warm (often temporary) pools and lakes (Dijkstra, 2006).
Flight period in the SW Ukraine: End of April – Beginning of September.

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