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Methods of odonatological investigations

Observation and photographing

It is possible to identify Odonata fliying in field when you have experince with the group. Odonatologists could observe odonates from the shore or from the boat using binocular.

Since the time when professional phototechnique appeared it becomes possible to make photos of dragonflies instead of preserving specimens in collections. Obtained photos could be send for verification to specialists and used for different purposes: on regional or national Odonata webpages, as illustrations for scientific or scientific-popular articles, etc.

This methods help to protect species from collectors especially this is important for rare and endangered species. Althought in some cases we should also collect specimens to avoid mistakes in identification.

Vincent Kalkman. Dragonglies and birds observation in binocular in the Danube Biosphere Reserve (Ukraine). 20 August 2006. Photo by Elena Dyatlova

Boguslaw Daraz. Photographing of dragonfly Aeshna mixta during field odonatological school in Poland (Zwierzyniec). 15 September 2006. Photo by Elena Dyatlova

Aeshna mixta (oviposition). Photo by Boguslaw Daraz

Material prepared by Elena Dyatlova

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