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Dear Elena,

We are reconstructing the phylogeny of the damselfly genus Coenagrion
and the evolution of male cerci and female mesothoracal plates.
Would you be willing to send us complete males and females of local
Coenagrion species stored on 95% ethanol ?
Ideally we want several males and females from a population, from more
than one population is even better!
If you are willing to do so, could you please let me know which species
you may be able to collect?

Please ask for more information if needed.

Many thanks & kind regards!

Robby Stoks, Associate professor
Laboratory of Aquatic Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
University of Leuven
Deberiotstraat 32
B-3000 Leuven

e-mail for correspondence: Robby.Stoks AT bio.kuleuven.be

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