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Dear colleagues and friends,
Now I come with an ask for help. We are planning to make a Dragonfly Museum. I have the permission to use a building and display an exhibition there. I already prepared the idea of the exhibition and am now searching for some additional photos. There will be a chapter to explain about the world dragonfly distribution and diversity. I'd like to expose some pictures from different regions. As I'm working on volunteer base I can’t pay anything for the pictures I'll use. Sorry for that! They have very limited budget, but I'd like to make anything very special. SO - my ask is if you have any pictures that you could let me use free for the Museum? I'll display them on a big panel with all the continents shown on it. I'll manage with European species, but I need pictures of species found in countries like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Hawaii, Japan, Mali, Mexico, Mozambique, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Patagonia, Peru, Polynesia, Russia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Tibet, USA. The species might be not the most typical of the countries, but at least something which could be found there. Can you, please, help with anything you have?
There are at least two particular species I'd like to show: Aeshna bonariensis and Hemiphlebia mirabilis. I don't mind for the rest countries as every Odonata species from any place is beautiful enough to grabs the visitor attention.
With my best wishes and thanks in advance:
Milen Marinov (Bulgaria)

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