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Sympetrum depressiusculum - Сжатобрюх уплощенный - Тонкочеревець сплющений

For the key species old (before 1990) and recent (after 1990) records are given on the distribution maps using different symbols (triangles - old records, circles - recent records).

Red list status or Habitat Directive status: not listed
Distribution: Very rare, one recent record of one specimen in Dniestr Delta. The other records (in Tatarbunary and Kherson) are rather old.
Habitat: Distinct ecology is not fully understood, but it reaches high densities only in very specific habitats, including rice paddies, fishponds, seasonally dry lakes and cooling-water basins. Many of these are dry in winter (whereas most waterbodies are driest in summer) and have swampy borders. Utileses secondary habitats, such as drying heathy lakes, in the vicinity of core habitats (Dijkstra, 2006). The only recent record from the SW-Ukraine is from the  banks of a large, slow-flowing river.
Flight period in the SW Ukraine: no data

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