Dragonflies of Ukraine

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Lestes macrostigma - Лютка темная - Лютка великовічкова

For the key species old (before 1990) and recent (after 1990) records are given on the distribution maps using different symbols (triangles - old records, circles - recent records).

Red list status or Habitat Directive status: Declining in Europe according Sahlen et al.(2004; Critical species of Odonata in Europe. IJO 7: 385-398).
Distribution: Occurs in Danube region (rare); numerous in Dnieper Delta. One specimen was found in Odessa in the middle of the 20 century. Also occurs on Kinburn peninsular (V. Tytar, pers. comm.).
Habitat: Almost exclusively in shallow water with dense rushes, particularly Sea Club-rush (Bolboschoenus maritimus), of coastal and saline inland wetlands, e.g. abandoned salt pans, dune ponds and saltmarsh fringes and steppe lakes (Dijkstra, 2006). In the SW Ukraine found in coastal reservoirs and in wetlands near lakes.
Flight period in the SW Ukraine: Middle of June – beginning of July

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