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Gomphus flavipes – Дедка желтоногий - Дідок жовтоногий

For the key species old (before 1990) and recent (after 1990) records are given on the distribution maps using different symbols (triangles - old records, circles - recent records).

Red list status or Habitat Directive status: in the EU’s Habitats Directive on Appendix IV (survival of national populations must be ensured).
Distribution: Rare. Found near big rivers (Danube, Dniestr, South Bug and Dniepr).
Habitat: Slow-flowing lower sections of large rivers with sandy beds. Larvae burrow shallowly in fine substrates wit relatively high concentrations of organic matter (Dijkstra, 2006). Occurs also in rivers with muddy beds.
Flight period in the SW Ukraine: Beginning of June – Middle of July

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