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Coenagrion ornatum - Стрелка украшенная - Стрілка прикрашена

For the key species old (before 1990) and recent (after 1990) records are given on the distribution maps using different symbols (triangles - old records, circles - recent records).

Red list status or Habitat Directive status: Declining in Europe according Sahlen et al. (2004; Critical species of Odonata in Europe. IJO 7: 385-398) and in the EU’s Habitats Directive on Appendix II (species must be included in a national network of protected habitats).
Distribution: For this moment only one recent population is known in the surroundings of Odessa. The pond where species occur suffers greatly from the anthropogenic impact as the road was expanded in this area and the part of the pond was filled with send. All other records in the region are very old (the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century).
Habitat: Sunny streams and flowing ditches, often calcareous and with structured vegetation (Dijkstra, 2006). In the SW Ukraine the species occurs in a small lake fed by a large stream.
Flight period in the SW Ukraine: End of May – End of June

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