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Important Dragonfly Areas of the South-Western Ukraine

The project was made possible due to a grant from the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (BBI-MATRA/2006/002).

Based on the distributional records in the database Important Dragonflies Areas in the South-Western Ukraine were identified. In order to do so a set of four criteria were applied. These criteria look at both the quality and quantity of the dragonfly fauna of a certain area. The four applied criteria are:

1. Areas with species of European concern

2. Areas with species protected on the national level (Red Book of Ukraine, 1994)

3. Areas where species rare in the study area (but not protected) occur

4. Areas which high Odonata biodiversity of all species (biodiversity hotspots): 21 and more species in 10 by 10 square km.

6 areas important for dragonflies where recognised: 1) Reservoirs in a lower part of Khadzhibejski liman; 2) Basin of South Bug and Ingul rivers; 3) Lower Dniestr river with tributaries and lakes and Dniestrovski liman; 4) Kinburn peninsular; 5) Dniepr river delta; 6) Lower Danube river and Predanube region

Checklist of Odonata species recorded in the South-Western Ukraine and maps of species distibution are available on Internet

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