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Our colleagues helped a lot in the work for the website. Stanislav Gorb gave a permission to put the pdf version of his monography "Dragonflies of Ukraine" (Gorb et al., 2000) on the website. The file was prepared by Rostislaw Lezhoev and Yury Procenko. Lyudmila Khrokalo created Ukrainian names of all Odonata species for the first time. Boguslaw Daraz workes with photos of dragonflies and biotopes which were send by colleagues and make them suitable for the website. Bob Reimer and David Goddard will help in the preparation of the English version of the website. Jeremy Barker and Vincent Kalkman helped in the preparation of the English version of newsleter "Dragonfly" about dragonflies from the Southwestern Ukraine. Many colleagues (A. Chernyawsky, B. Daraz, E. Dyatlova, S. Ivko, V. Kalkman, D. Kivganov, N. Matushkina and M. Ushakov) provided their own Odonata photos for the chapter "Photo Album" . Many thanks for all this people.

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